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Journey to Peru on a Unique Adventure
Group PhotoDo you dream about adventure? Have you longed to visit the ancient cities of the Inca Empire or explore cathedrals built by Spanish conquistadors?

If so, join 10 high school students on a journey through one of South America's most fascinating countries - Peru. You'll visit the booming metropolis of Lima and cities and towns in the Group PhotoAndes Mountains, where you'll explore the ruins of Machu Picchu, the legendary lost city of the Incas. You'll also work with Peruvians on self-help projects to better their lives. An interactive message board will allow you to ask questions and speak directly with the guides.

So join CARE's Youth Corps 2000 group as they experience the people, history and culture of Peru.

Begin the journey...


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Please log on to the Solutions Site for Kids at, where essays by CARE Youth Corps 2000 participants, Nichole Bush and Wills Glasspiegel are featured.